Impulse Buy

Tomorrow morning we head in for our first IUI.  Because of conflicting working schedules my husband will head into the office about an hour before me to make his donation.

It’s not the first time he’s had to produce a sperm sample in the doctor’s office; he’s actually had to do it a number of times during this whole infertility diagnosis process.  I can’t help finding the whole process a little funny .  He has described “the room” as a real treat – ha!  There’s a suede chair in there, a small TV with videos & a magazine or two.  Suede, really?!?  I would have gone with a leather, synthetic leather maybe.  Anything you can take a Clorox wipe to.

In his words, “I try to get in & out as quickly as possible without touching anything”.  Ya, I don’t blame you buddy.  Hopefully “the room” at our doctor’s office is a bit nicer than the room at the lab he’s had to go to in the past.

This past weekend I was standing in line at Barnes & Noble and impulse bought this magazine for his next visit…hey, it was the raciest magazine available at the checkout counter.

 Impulse Buy


Internal Ultrasound & Bloodwork

There’s nothing like kicking off the week with a 7:15am appointment for an internal ultrasound & blood work (oh ya, I kicked off the weekend in similar fashion with an early morning ultrasound on Saturday). The one good thing about arriving at the office that early is they were waiting for me! I don’t think there has been a previous time in my life when that statement has been true.

This was my fourth ultrasound this cycle. The first was on day threeish of my cycle (yup, right in the middle of my period). The second was on day 13. The third on day 15. The fourth day 17.  I started ovulations tests on day 11 & still haven’t had a + test (color change if you will).

If you have yet to have an internal ultrasound, here’s how it goes…

I’m shown to a room where the lighting is dimmed (think privacy, not romance), asked to undress from the waist down, & cover-up with a sheet (a gracious term for an over sized piece of medical gauze or something of the sort). I’m seated on an examination table with a large machine next to me (see picture below). First time around the probe (not sure what the medical term here is but I’m referring to the piece of equipment that will be inserted into your vagina & used to examine your follicles) might seem a bit intimidating/awkward. But fear not, the bark is worse than the bite (bad pun, ya I think so).


When the tech returns she asks me to put my feet in the stirrups & slide by bum to the edge of the seat (just like a visit to the gynecologist). She hands me the probe under the sheet & asks me to insert it when I’m ready. I’m not going to lie this is a much better alternative to having her stick her head under the sheet & insert it herself. Once inserted she takes control & starts pushing it first to the right then to left all while snapping photos & measuring my follicles. Really it’s all kind of fascinating if you can position yourself to see the screen. The whole thing lasts less than five minutes. It’s not painful &, in my opinion, is far less awkward than a PAP smear.

Third time was a charm for me.  I had a follicle that was over 17mm (I think it’s mm).  Once my pants were back on I had my blood drawn & had a shot of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or Pregnyl as I was calling it).  The HCG needs to be shot into a muscle, in my case (most I’m guessing) it went into my butt.  Full disclaimer, I don’t mind shots, at all; this one was less painful than a flu shot & no post shot soreness.

Wednesday we head in for our first IUI.